”Easier to work with” NEW Kittarou (ASKA MARKET NEWS Jan. 2023, No. 336)

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”Easier to work with” NEW Kittarou (ASKA MARKET NEWS Jan. 2023, No. 336)

We've Improved it to Version 5!

Kittarou, a tabletop cutting machine for safely cutting plastic molded products
This Kittarou was developed to make cutting samples for inspections easier and safer, and was created as a result of MK activities (QC circle activities), an improvement activity that embodies the MK philosophy of "easy, correct, fast, and safe.

We have been using Kittarou since its production and began to sell externally in the hope that some customers would like to use it.
Although it has a simple structure that "only cuts molded products," we have been approached by various customers because of the interest in the fact that it does not require a power supply and eliminates the risk of industrial accidents.
We received many requests for improvements to the specifications, incorporating the requests we received.

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Advantages of this version of Kittarou

There are some minor modifications, but there are three major things that have changed in Kitterou.

①Easier to adjust the position of the blade safety plate.

By connecting the blade fixing stand and the blade safety plate with four pins, centering of the blade and the blade safety plate is easier. Previously, there was no function to center the safety plate and blade fixing stand, and the centering was done by eye.
There was a risk of contact between the blade and the safety plate.
With this change, the position of these two parts is fixed and there is no more interference.

②Improvement of jigs for fixing

We set the jig when we sell it, but when tightening the fixing bolt after setting the product on the jig, the blade fixing stand and the wrench sometimes came in contact due to the stroke.
The shape of the product sometimes makes it difficult to fix the product properly with the jig, and we have taken measures to solve this problem.
We have changed the position of the holes in the jig, made them longer, and provided counterbored holes to create a position and height where the wrench can easily enter, while expanding the movable range of the jig.

③The shatterproof cover can be easily attached and detached.

It was necessary to remove the shatterproof cover when replacing the blade, but the removal (and installation) was time-consuming.
The shape of the holes has been revised to allow the cover to be attached and removed without removing the long screws.
The holes are shaped like an inverted T, and the cover can be installed and removed by hooking the holes onto the long screws.

We are available for consultation!

Aska Company creates a variety of "useful" items from Kittarou to MyCiS and MyCFM.
We continue to market the technologies we have developed in the course of creating better plastic molded products so that they can be used not only by our own but also by society at large.
We welcome not only inquiries about the products you are interested in, but also questions about whether or not we can do this kind of thing for you.