Life science, food, cosmetics, stationery, toiletries, etc.

We are developing our business in various fields by utilizing our knowledge and know-how cultivated through plastic manufacturing.

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Easily analyze a variety of sensing data(ASKA MARKET NEWS July. 2022, No. 326)

Historian, a tool that allows you to analyze data without special skills Aska Company utilizes a tool called "Historian." "Historian" is an externally produced tool. Aska company has the advantage of in-house production of systems such as CiS and MiS. CiS is a software that manages and analyzes camera inspection data, and MiS is a software that manages and visualizes various molding machine data. We are also working to introduce external systems. That is one of our strengths. The System Department operates the above software because it is a system that requires servers and networks. However, changing a part of these systems requires communication with the System Department each time. That is not suited for attaching and removing various sensors and tools in a short period on the manufacturing side. We adopted this Historian because it makes that part of the process very easy. The manufacturer provided us with a lot of explanations before introducing the system. Thank you very much. ※From the material used in the Historian's explanation. What I like about "Historian" It took us a little time to master it, but we can use my time meaningfully after we get to know how to use it. We used to spend a lot of time manually and carefully "collecting data," "summarizing (graphing) data in Excel," and "analyzing data" to talk with data. However, now we no longer have time to edit data. The system has all the necessary functions, such as a dashboard creation function for centralized management, content sharing, and downloading to ...



Example of IoT Application in QC Group Activity "MK Activity" (ASKA MARKET NEWS June. 2022, No. 325)

MK is also making extensive use of digital technology. Recently, words such as "IoT," "ICT," and "digitalization" have been used in various places. We have begun to offer seminars using IoT and AI and quality assurance using camera inspection data. It has become commonplace within the company to make it possible to view camera inspection results and molding machine status from afar in the form of data and graphs, and this has become quite widespread among workers. Aska Company has been continuing QC circle activities named "MK activities." In these MK activities, people in charge of manufacturing processes frequently use IoT to give shape to their ideas. We want to share an example of IoT utilization at MK. We want to be able to work with warehouses away from production. The activity period of MK is six months, and during that six-month period, we carry out improvement activities under the theme of problems in the workplace. The goal of improvement was to make the warehousing process easier and faster. We set the goal based on the problem of "the warehousing process is not running smoothly. Incidentally, warehousing operation means "putting the products produced by the manufacturing side into the warehouse. Explanations of these operations and processes are also part of the activity presentation. The ability to communicate in a simple, easy-to-understand manner without making mistakes is an important part of our work. We foster such ability through MK activities. The problem one group had was the condition of the "pass room." "Pass room" is where ...



Patented! Introduction to MyCFM! (ASKA MARKET NEWS May 2022, No. 324)

Thank you for reading Market News. Here is the second installment of our Intellectual Property series! This time, we would like to introduce a patent obtained by Aska Company! Production Facility Environment Aska Company uses injection molding machines to produce plastic products. Our factory is a biological clean room, and we provide products to our customers under quality control. Whenever we produce, defective products are bound to occur. Our philosophy is not to find and eliminate defective products but to control the source and keep making good products. We need to have a well-equipped facility environment to continue production based on our philosophy. Among the most important is the information obtained by sensing the condition of the molding machines that form the products. In this issue, we would like to introduce our patented system for detecting abnormalities in molding machines, molds, and molded products. Failure Detection Mechanism for Molding Equipment and Molds "MyCFM" This patented system measures the mold clamping force of molding equipment. It detects abnormalities in the molding machine, mold, and molded product according to the amount of change in the numerical value. By utilizing this system, we monitor changes in the measured values, detect the defects that may occur in the molding process at an early stage, and take predictive maintenance. Aska Connect, a group company, sells [MyCFM] using this invention. We hope you will utilize MyCFM for predictive maintenance of molding machines.  




Introduction to Aska Company 3S (ASKA MARKET NEWS April 2022, No. 323)

Purpose of 3S "3S" is a collective term for these three elements: Seiri (Sorting), Seiton (Tidying), and Seisou (Cleaning). The purpose of 3S at Aska Company is "to create a pleasant and clean workplace for us." Each individual has a different sense of what a "pleasant and clean workplace" means. Therefore, we share the "basic rules handed down by the Aska Company" to align our values. Specific rules include the following Greetings in a loud voice. Vertical, right angle, no crookedness. White color base color, considerations not to make it dirty. Do not place items directly on the floor. Keep postings to a minimum. Use the Aska Company logo correctly.   Another means of sharing value is "QCDS management in the workplace. We believe that by exploring the details of QCDS management at each workplace, we can share values in a concrete and easy-to-understand manner. In this way, Aska Company believes that refining the 3Ss helps deepen the bonds between people inside and outside the company. 3S Promotion Committee Aska Company has established the "3S Promotion Committee" to promote 3S. We are pleased to introduce the renewed structure of the committee as of January 2022. The 3S Promotion Division is headed by the Board of Directors. 3S Promotion Committees have been established at each of the three sites: the Head Office Factory, Kansai Factory, and Knowledge & Tohoku Factory. The term of office of the committee chairperson is two years, and committee meetings are held once a month at each site. Furthermore, once a quarter, ...




Aska Company Environmentally Friendly Topic (ASKA MARKET NEWS March 2021, No. 322)

Toward mass balance method and ISCC certification ISCC certification is required in the supply chain to manufacture and sell biomass plastic products using the mass balance method. Aska Company has started working with a project team to obtain ISCC certification. We will post more information about the mass balance method and our progress in obtaining ISCC certification on our blog in the future. Current list of environmentally friendly items Carbon Neutral and Biopolyethylene Product Offerings Disposing of plastic generates CO2. Plants grow by absorbing CO2. Using these plants as raw materials for plastics, we can recycle CO2 and reduce CO2 emissions to practically zero. Biopolyethylene is not different a lof functionally from regular plastics. Aska Company offers spout made from bio-polyethylene. Molding Prototype Using Rice Resin Rice Resin® is a plastic that effectively utilizes biomass resources made from inedible rice (for processing, waste rice, etc.) and surplus products such as resource rice and food loss. It has the advantage of being produced and supplied in Japan, where rice is a staple food. When we tried molding the product, we could smell the delicious aroma of rice in the air due to the presence of rice in the molding area, and the smell remained for a while after molding. MBBP (Marine Biodegradable Biomass Plastic) Compound Prototype Aska Company is participating in the MBBP development platform. We are trying to develop molding technology using MBBP in the molding field. In this trial molding, we evaluate the molding performance and functions of the molded product by molding the ...


Business Fields in which ASKA COMPANY Contributes


Life Science: Medical/Diagnostic/Medical Equipment/Analytical Equipment

Life: health / toiletries / stationery / food

Industry: Resin back / drum / tool / printer ink

Others: Agriculture/Sports


Camera Inspection Seminar: See, experience, and understand camera inspection

IoT/AI Application Seminar: Experience and learn IoT/AI

Nighttime Unmanned Factory Seminar: Developing "Thinkers" through Unmanned Factory

DX Seminar: What SMEs need to do to start DX

Molding Skill Seminar: Obtaining Injection Molding Know-How

Equipment Systems

Evaluation and measurement: Semiconductor / lens / electronic component / container

Plastics Development: flow analysis / mold making / 3D modeling / prototyping / evaluation

FA: camera inspection display system (MyCiS) / mold clamping force monitoring system (MyCFM)


Mold maintenance: Injection molds

Mold cleaning: Injection molding molds/gear pumps/mixing nozzles

Flow path inner surface cleaning: Hot runner manifolds