Mechanism and Necessity of Mold Cleaning

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Mechanism and Necessity of Mold Cleaning

The Necessity of Mold Cleaning

As we use molds and molding equipment, the resin that cannot be removed by regular maintenance, such as mold disassembly and cleaning, will accumulate.
Forced maintenance may damage the mold and molding equipment, and if the retained resin is left unchecked, the life of the equipment will be short due to gas corrosion.
Cleaning is essential to maintain molds and molding equipment in good condition for a long time!
Our group company, Aska Craft, provides a cleaning service.
The cleaning service will check the condition of the molds by utilizing our expertise in mold making during mold disassembly and assembly.


What Mold Cleaning Services Can Solve

Are you suffering from deteriorated yield or increased burden in inspection processes due to foreign substances in the hot runner molds?

Our mold cleaning service can clean the inaccessible parts that we can't reach by normal maintenance.

General-purpose plastics such as PS, PP, and PE are composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen.
For these organic materials, we heat the inside of the cleaning oven to nearly 500 degrees Celsius for high heat treatment.
Organic matter such as resin and oil scum adhering to every corner of the mold is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the oxidation-reduction reaction caused by the high-temperature treatment and then removed.
In the case of manifold cleaning, we complete the process after finishing to remove any remaining ash inside.


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