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Mold Maintenance

Removes retained resin deep in the mold. For countermeasures against black spot foreign matter

As a molding manufacturer, we produce various products such as containers, caps, and parts for pharmaceuticals and foods by injection molding.

To deal with the increasingly strict standards for black spot foreign matter, we have been working on various issues for a long time.
We could not remove the retained material inside the mold through regular maintenance, and we had a difficult time dealing with the generation and outflow of black spots.

After various countermeasures, we incorporated the know-how of mold maintenance from our subsidiary in the U.S.
Then we started cleaning carbonized foreign matter with a cleaning oven.

As we use the molds, the resin that we can't remove through regular maintenance stays inside the molds.
If left unattended without maintenance, the life of the mold will be short due to gas corrosion and other problems.
In addition, unreasonable maintenance may damage the molds and molding equipment.

Mold cleaning service using a dedicated cleaning oven can remove retained resin without damaging the molds.
With our mold cleaning service, you can keep your molds safe and in good condition.

For more information on the relationship between foreign materials and mold cleaning services, please refer to the column"Foreign Materials in Molds and Mold Cleaning."

Mechanism and Necessity of Mold Cleaning

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