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"High Evaluation Technology" Supporting Development Capability

Clarify the Concept through Quantification

Aska Company strives to clarify the required quality by quantifying it and managing it in an easy-to-understand manner.
To quantify, we search for evaluation methods and make proposals for measurement methods.
We sometimes have products that are difficult to quantify. In such cases, we respond by developing software and hardware. We use our technology to install them.
We have refined the accuracy and usability of the original measuring instruments by using them. The measuring instruments are now being used in various processes by our customers.


Benchmark Settings

We set benchmarks and analyze thoroughly.
We evaluate the object and set the target level.


Commissioned Valuation and Measurement and Its Value

Requests for Prototyping and Evaluation Only

We sometimes receive "product evaluation and measurement requests" for prototypes in which we are not involved.
At that time, we think that our customers recognize that "Aska Company is not only a production company but also a company with technology that can be outsourced for evaluation and measurement."
Sometimes, we also receive requests from customers who want an evaluation of mold by bringing their mold.
Since our technology is trustable, we receive requests for prototypes or evaluations from our customers.
We recognize that our technology is valuable enough to be trusted by our customers, and we will continue to refine it.

Development based on Feedback from Prototypes

We manufacture prototype molds based on product designs with optimal mold structures.
In the prototype evaluation, we select the optimum plastic then measure product performance.
We reflect the feedback to the final design to obtain the optimum products.
We create the best products in the trial production process, including the printed expression.