Molding Skill Seminar

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Molding Skill Seminar

Get exceptional knowledge and expertise in a short time

Lecturer: Koki Ahiko

  • Received Medal with Yellow Ribbon in 2020
  • Outstanding Technical Worker "Contemporary Master Craftsman" Award from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • Miyagi Prefecture Outstanding Technical Worker Commendation by the Governor
  • “Miyagi Master Craftsman" in Plastic Molding
  • Certified by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare【Plastic molding】
  • Plastic Molding Technician "Special Class" in 2008
  • Licensed vocational training instructor

From basic knowledge of injection molding to how to find the right conditions for molding, you can touch and feel the injection molding machine.
Those who have many opportunities to come in contact with plastic injection molding in the course of their work, but have never seen or touched it directly and would like to experience it firsthand.
Those who are involved in injection molding but want to understand the basics of molding conditions and theoretical values.
This seminar is suitable for people from those who know nothing about molding to engineers.

Seminar Contents

1. Private seminar for one company only

Unlike regular seminars, we hold this seminar only for one company.
Since there is no one from another company, we can customize the content as much as possible.
Also, you can freely ask questions as much as time permits.

2. The instructor recognized by the government as having outstanding knowledge and skill holds a lecture

Koki Ahiko, the 2020 recipient of the Medal with Yellow Ribbon, is the instructor.
Ahiko has been involved in the plastic molding industry for a long time, and he has accumulated skills and techniques. He has devoted himself to the training of future generations, including a vocational training instructor license.
This seminar is for those who have the skills and those who don't know about molding.

3. We have held a variety of events

Some examples of seminars in the past

① Conducting a study session on general plastics processing for younger employees in the company (30 hours of education)

From polymer purification, polymerization, and pelletizing to characteristics of mold steel, quenching, cutting and precision, molding mechanism structure, rigidity and control cylinder and screw structure and materials, how to create molding conditions, and how to create a molding process.

Mold structure and features, quality measurement and evaluation methods and JIS standards, CAD drawings and design and jig machining, various world standards and indications, types of molding processes, structure and features, thermal expansion, galling and structure, etc.

② Implementing Miyagi Prefecture "Education for Young Adults"

Concept of manufacturing of molding process, History of plastic molding, Overall flow of plastic molding process, Basics of molding process for thin-walled high-cycle products

Molding conditions in the molding process, mold structure and thermal expansion, how plastic raw materials are made, types and characteristics of plastic raw materials, etc.

③ Conducting technical workshops at a super engineering plastic manufacturer in Miyagi Prefecture (3 hours x 4 sessions)

Improvement of defect problems in the workplace together PDCA cycle several times with debriefing sessions and discussions on the direction of improvement, and finally a summary and debriefing session.

④ Hiroshima Prefecture: Conducting a workshop for a stationery manufacturer on improving internal defects and an overview of plastics processing (2 hours of training and 2 hours of guidance on improvement plans)

Plastic molding process overview workshop (2-hour workshop) cold runner design and improvement

The client was asked to come up with defects in the company, and we provided guidance on the direction of improvement for them.

⑤Conducting practical training sessions (2 days: 13 hours total) Management of flow method using cold runner molds.

Accepting students from outside the company.
Set up molding conditions: Based on theoretical values, actually change molding conditions for each item to experience the relationship between product changes and molding conditions, and learn the relationship between the molding conditions and product quality.
Theoretical value calculation and conversion calculation.


It was so satisfying that we were concerned about whether we were allowed to use workers' precious time and factory facilities so freely.
I realized that it is easier to grasp the image by experiencing it in the factory, rather than learning it only from textbooks and books.
I realized that launching a product without a proven track record requires more technical skills (prior verification, know-how) than I could have imagined.

Choose a course according to your needs

There are two molding skills seminars available.

①Visit to the customer's factory (1Day) Special course conducted by instructor visiting customers' production sites.
②Visit to our Tohoku Plant (2Days)        Visit our factory and experience the actual equipment such as molding machines.

①Visit to the customer's factory(1Day)

We will visit the customer's factory and advise on problems with their manufacturing facilities.
(Please provide us with information about the problem in advance so that we can confirm whether it is possible to deal with it.)

※We will determine the schedule after consultation with the customer.

[Supported Area]
The area we visit is the Tohoku region.
However, if your factory is not there, please let us know for further information.

Please consult with us separately.
(Molding skill training fee [hourly rate] + travel expenses)
※In the case of a 70-minute session, the fee will be for two hours since the calculation is done on an hourly basis.

※Please note that this is only "advice on molding skills" and does not guarantee the effectiveness of the improvement after the seminar.

②Visit to our Tohoku Plant(2Days)

You can come to our company and learn about molding for two full days using machines and molds.

Aska Company Tohoku Plant
52 Magosawa, Kami-Cho, Kami-Gun, Miyagi 981-4414, Japan

[ Participants ]
Up to 5 people (Only one company per session)
※No previous knowledge of injection molding is required.

[ Fee ]
¥ 400,000 - ※The cost is the same for one course, whether the seminar is for one person or five people.

◎We will prepare the mold and the resin to be used.
◎The resin used will be PP and PE that we use.
◎For safety reasons, please follow the guidance
of instructors as you use the Injection Molding Machine.
◎You need to change into dustproof clothing and
protective clothing for practical training in the factory.
Please come in pants style, especially for women.