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Management Base

We will continue our efforts to gain trust and satisfaction both internally and externally, and each employee creates a virtuous cycle in his or her work and life.
We aim to realize such a management base.

Company Policy

1. We always value the trust and strive for positive and solid management.
1. We always try to raise the technology and improve the stability of quality.
1. We always try to build a spirit of altruism and cooperation for the unlimited development of our business and mutual happiness.

Corporate Philosophy and Management Goals

Corporate Philosophy: Provide a place where people can grow and contribute to society.
Management Goals: Improving productivity in the plastics industry.

MK Activity (QC Cirlcle Activity)

Fundamental Spirit:「楽正早安」 らく・せい・そう・あん
『Make it Easy, Fun, Right, Fast, Safe and Secure.』
楽…Easy, Fun 正…Right 早…Fast 安…Safe, SecureWhat are the MK activities we have been working on from 1978 until now
It is generally known as QC circle activities.
The name "MK activities" means "improvement by all, activities by all," and all employees in all workplaces participate in activities to improve their workplaces during the six-month activity period.
Some of the measures taken in MK activities are commercialized and even sold.
In addition, many of our customers attend the results presentation meetings held every six months.
MK activities are part of the culture of Aska Company, and we are proud of them.

For details, check QC Activities - [MK Activities] page. ≫

Work-Life Balance

"Creating an organization that suits each individual's work style and
Promoting human resource development"

We want to create an environment where work and life are well-balanced.
These words are the pillar of Aska Company's mid-term management policy.
We aim to be an organization and work style that responds to diverse workers regardless of gender, nationality, etc., including men and women of all ages, LGBT, and technical interns.
Our goal is to establish human resource development with both increased productivity.


General Business Owner Action Plan based on the Act on Advancement of Women's Activities (Release date: November 1, 2021)

Aska Company has formulated a "General Business Owner Action Plan" based on the Law for the Promotion of Women's Activities to increase the number of female employees and develop the workplace environment necessary for women to play an active role.

1. Planning Period: November 1, 2021 - March 31, 2025

2. Goals, the content of initiatives, and the timing of implementation


Goal 1: Increase the percentage of female employees to at least 45%



November 1, 2021 -

■Proactively publicize that the company is a workplace where women can play an active role in recruitment activities.

・Promote our company's support system for work-life balance, and introduce female employees and female managers who use the system.
・Publicize the rate of female employees taking childcare leave and examples of male employees taking childcare leave.

February 1, 2022 -

・Hold internship programs for university students.
・Review of survey results.
・Conduct interviews with senior employees before applying for documents.


Goal 2: Develop a work environment where women can work comfortably


November 1, 2021 -

・Hold career training with in-house role models as speakers
・Conduct interviews with female employees on childcare leave

November 1, 2024

・Expanse the current shorter working hour system for childcare to include employees with children in the sixth grade


General Business Owner Action Plan based on the Next Generation Law (Release date: November 1, 2021)

We have formulated a "General Business Owner Action Plan" based on the Next Generation Law.
This plan enables all employees to fully demonstrate their abilities by creating an environment where employees can balance work and child-rearing and where all employees can work comfortably.

1. Planning Period: November 1, 2021 - March 31, 2025

2. Goals

Goal 1: Increase the percentage of all employees taking paid vacations to at least 75%


November 1, 2021 -

※Continue to implement the following measures to prevent a reduction in the rate of paid vacations
taken in conjunction with the planned increase in annual holidays from November 2022.
・Informing and instructing all employees, including managers, on the status of paid leave usage.
・Introduce a system for employees to take paid vacations consecutively, publicize the system on the company intranet,
and encourage employees to take paid leave.
・Promote the use of multi-skilled workers to create an environment in which employees can take paid leave consecutively.


Goal 2: Create a work environment where employees can easily balance their personal lives


November 1, 2021 -

・Review regulations to operate a nursing care leave system that exceeds legal requirements.
・Establishment of employment regulations to support fertility treatment.
・Publicize the fertility treatment support system on the company intranet.

November 1, 2023

・The introduction and operation of a leave system that can be used for infertility treatment.




Declaration of Good Health

We, Aska Company, declare our commitment to health management, aiming to create an environment where all employees can work in good physical and mental health.

October 1, 2018
Aska Company Co.
President Tsuneo Naganuma

Promote Employee Health by No Smoking

To protect the health of all employees and their families, Aska Company promotes a company-wide ban on smoking.
We implement the following measures to ensure no smoking in all company premises, including buildings, as stipulated in the "Detailed Rules on Smoking" (effective from October 1, 2017).

1. Promoting no smoking during breaks and displaying educational posters.
1. Assistance with smoking cessation clinic.
1. Provision of health-related information through "Health News" once every three months.

The Excellent Companies Recognized by Tax Office

Financial information is not available to the public.
We have received an honorable mention from the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau's Yashiro Tax Office for being an excellent tax filing corporation.
For more information, please visit the Awards and Community Activities page

Management Tools

Goal Management
ISO9001 Quality Management (ISO 9001: 2015 re-certification in 2021)
ISO14001 Environmental Management (certification in 2001)
ISO22000 Food Safety Management (certification in 2015)
※Although we have not undergone continuous audits for ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 since acquiring these certifications,
we are improving them through self-implementation while undergoing external audits and developing them into unique management tools.

List of Qualifications

Name of Qualification

Qualification Category

Number of Qualifications

Molding Technician Special Class National Qualification 4 People
Molding Technician Level 1 National Qualification 12 People
Molding Technician Level 2 National Qualification 32 People
Vocational Training Instructor License (Plastic Product Department) Official Qualification 2 People
Quality Control Certification Level 2 Private Certification 13 People
Quality Control Certification Level 3 Private Certification 25 People
Labor and Social Security Attorney National Certification 1 Person
National Examination for Basic Information Technology Technicians National Certification 3 People
Intellectual Property Management Technician Level 2 National Certification 1 Person
Persons who have completed training for Slinging Operation Skill National Certification 54 People
Completion of Forklift Driving Skill training National Certification 20 People
Class 1 Health Supervisor National Certification 4 People

Koki Ahiko, who has been awarded "Monozukuri Meister" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and "Outstanding Technician" by Miyagi Prefecture in the plastic molding field, is working at Tohoku Plant.
Mr. Ahiko joined the company in 1983 after graduating from university and has been studying various skills.
His outstanding skills have been recognized by many people, and he has become a person who has spread a spirit of respect for skills in society at large.

・Awarded Medal with Yellow Ribbon in 2020
・Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award "The Contemporary Master Craftsman"
・Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare certified "Manufacturing Meister" Plastic molding
・Miyagi Prefecture Governor's Award for Outstanding Technician "Miyagi Master Craftsman" Plastic molding
・Molding Technician Special Class(2008)
・Vocational Training Instructor License

At present, Ahiko is playing a role in improving the status and level of skilled workers and motivating young people to devote themselves to becoming skilled workers with pride and hope.
He also plays an active role in technical training courses to improve and hand down skills outside the company.