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Contract Measurement Service

We Recommend Quality Control by Numbers.

Measurement inspection is an important part of molded product quality assurance.
The Aska Company emphasizes the quantification and control of various forces in addition to the external appearance such as length and depth. We have refined our original measuring instruments and technology to make it possible to measure values such as push, pull, and bending.
We provide contract measurement services based on these instruments and technologies.


Currently, we are accepting the following measurements. (Click below to open the measurement details.)


What process can I get the measurements?

First, we will ask you about the sample you wish to measure and the area you want to measure. Then we will provide you with a measurement method and a quotation.
Please refer to [Flow of using our contract measurement service] for more details.

What are the prices?

We will provide a free-of-charge service until we determine whether the measurement is possible or not.
The actual measurement method, person-hour, and jigs will vary depending on the object to be measured and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Is it possible to witness the measurement?

We will measure at our Kansai Plant.
If you can come to our factory, please be present.

Is there a loaner available?

We are sorry, but all instruments are dedicated to contract measurement and are not available for loan.

I am considering requesting a measurement, but will you come to explain?

We have salespeople from Miyagi in the north, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hyogo.
Please feel free to contact us using the [Contact Us] form.

Flow of using our contract measurement service

  • Measurement method meeting

    Please describe the object to be measured and the point to be measured.

  • Measurement Considerations

    The measurement is determined to be acceptable or unacceptable.

  • Report of measurement availability

    Report of measurement availability

    If the measurement is possible, we will also report the measurement cost, delivery date, and issues related to the measure.
    We will also propose an automatic measurement program and, if necessary, a measurement jig.

  • Oeders

  • Delivers

    We will compile and submit the measurement data.