Two Types of Spout Pouches with Pumps are Now Available! (ASKA MARKET NEWS May 2024, No. 351)

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Two Types of Spout Pouches with Pumps are Now Available! (ASKA MARKET NEWS May 2024, No. 351)

We introduced the AS26.5 spout once in a blog post or carried by Sales with a sample.
As of February, the pump connection was ready, but we have developed a special pouch stand for practical use of them, which we would like to introduce.

Pouch Stand for Newly Developed AS26.5 Spout

The product we have developed is the AS26.5 Pouch Stand.
This product is a must-have for functioning spouted pouches to which a pump can be attached.
During the product design process, we considered the shape of the container bacause we wanted to contribute to decarbonization. As of result, we finally developed a container that looks slender and can be supported securely without functional problems.

Pouch Stand/Finger Hook for AS18 Spout

The AS18 spout series has been a favorite of our customers.
Two accessories are available for connecting the pump.

Pumps can Now be Selected by Application and Capacity

The AS18 spout pouch is compatible with a 1-ml volume pump and is targeted for products such as lotion and milky lotion, which require relatively small amounts of product per use.
In contrast, the AS26.5 spout pouch is compatible with a 3 ml discharge pump and is suitable for products with a large single-use volume, such as shampoos and treatments.
In addition, disinfectants and other products are considered to have a minimum volume of 3 ml per use from a functional standpoint, and can be expected to play an active role in sterilizing and disinfecting situations.

Supports "Replacement"

Caps with tamper (tamper-resistant) for the AS18 spout and for the AS26.5 are under development.
For replacement, simply remove the cap and replace the pump, so you can be rid of the tedious refilling process in the bathroom.



Spout Pouches are a Great Way to "Think about the Environment"

The key concept of the ASKA Company's AS Spout Series is the 3Rs of the environment: Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse.
Spout pouch containers can contribute to a decarbonized society by reducing resin usage, transportation costs, and waste plastics.

With the recent focus on environmental issues, there is a growing interest in making product containers more environmentally friendly.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our AS18 spout series and AS26.5 spout series, which can be connected to a pump to use spout pouches as a substitute for bottles.