Introduction of Resin Flow Analysis (ASKA MARKET NEWS Mar. 2024, No. 349)

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Introduction of Resin Flow Analysis (ASKA MARKET NEWS Mar. 2024, No. 349)

Aska Company utilizes CAE software, including resin flow analysis software, in product design.
We repeatedly check quality simulations at the design stage, and design products on a daily basis to provide the best possible product. In this issue, we would like to introduce some examples resin flow analysis software.

About CAE Software

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) is an engineering support system using computers.
It is a technology that assists in examining the validity of product design by performing molding simulation and quality analysis on a computer.
There are various types of software available for different applications, such as resin flow analysis and structural analysis, which we will introduce here.

About Resin Flow Analysis Software

We have been using Autodesk Moldflow Adviser since 2018.
It allows us to check various items such as the foreseeability of defects in molding due to geometry and the balance of resin filling in the mold.

Confirmation and Accumulation of Results

Analysis results can be viewed with dedicated viewing software.
We also record the analysis results in a form to accumulate records.
In the future, we would like to develop the above system into a database to speed up the verification of analysis results and to cultivate our know-how.


Feedback from Actual Molding

Using the aforementioned form, a system for comparing analysis results with actual molding results is under construction.
By feeding back the comparison information to the next analysis, we expect to improve the accuracy of the analysis.