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Frequently Asked Questions about Mold Cleaning Services

Q What is eligible?

Mold manifolds, mixing nozzles, static mixers, gear pumps, extruder dies, etc. are covered.
For details, please refer to "Flow of Mold Cleaning Service".
Or, please refer to"Maintenance Examples".

Q Is it OK to send only the manifold part for mold cleaning?

If the customer can disassemble the manifolds, we will take only the manifolds for cleaning.
We recommend you disassemble the manifold as much as possible to avoid damage to the product parts.

Q To keep costs as low as possible, we will only send you the parts and would like you to clean as many as possible. Is it OK?

Yes, it is possible. Please disassemble parts and send us.
In addition, we will be happy to make cost reduction proposals, so please ask us for more information.

Q What is the size of the product that you can clean?

The maximum size is 950 mm or less in length, 630 mm or less in width, and 400 mm or less in height, which we can place in a cleaning oven.
Please refer to "Flow of Mold Cleaning Service."



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