AS18 Finger Hook

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AS18 Finger Hook


Compatible Spout Pouch

Compatible Bore Diameter: AS18 Spout

Compatible Pump: 1ml Pump Head

One-Hand Pumping

Alone, it may look like a strangely shaped product.

Simply place it into the neck of a spout pouch, it changes something that you can push the pump with a spout pouch.

You can hang on a finger, bar, etc.

This hook is exclusively for the AS18 spout pouch.
(AS16 spout is also compatible)

How To Use: Simply Place it on the Neck.

It is easy to use.

Just snap it into the hollow in the neck of the AS18 spout.

You will feel it snap into place.

It is a little bit difficult to pull out to withstand use, but it is still easy to do so.

Perfectly Compatible with Airless Pumps

As you use the contents, the spout pouch can no longer stand on its own.

In particular, since "airless pumps" do not return air, the pouch becomes thin as the contents decrease.

Pouch stands are a perfect match, but finger hooks are also a perfect match.

Since you can store the pouch hanging, there is no problem even with spouted pouches with reduced contents.

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AS18 Finger Hook

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