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QC Activity-[MK Activity]

At Aska Company, we have named our group activities, usually called QC Activities, "MK Activities," and have continued them without interruption since 1978.
These QC Activities are not only a part of our company's culture but are also the mainstay of our company's efforts to train employees to pursue and improve the quality of our products.




Name of MK

MK Activities mean "activities by everyone, improvements by everyone" in Japanese.
It is a group activity that utilizes QC methods and other methods following the Total Management System Policy.


MK's Basic Spirit: "Easy, Right, Fast, and Safe."

"To improve all work so that we can do more easily, more enjoyably, more correctly, more accurately, more quickly, and more safely."
The spirit of MK is making the job of the employees better.


MK Management Policy

All front-line employees in the workplace always need to think about what they should be doing in MK Activities.

The purpose of the activities is to improve the quality of all front-line employees by having everyone participate, forming groups in the workplace, taking up familiar tasks, and promoting improvements by exercising creativity.

We aim to create a cheerful, energetic, and worthwhile workplace by maintaining good teamwork and human development through self-development and the exchange of opinions until everyone is satisfied.

For mutual enlightenment, we standardize our work methods and improve our work. We will accumulate wisdom and ingenuity, refer to the activities of other groups and the opinions of MK advisors, and acquire know-how.

In managing activities, it is necessary to confirm the company's policies and superior's opinion. Employees need to use the QC concept, the seven QC tools, and the new seven QC tools efficiently for good results.


Period of Activity

6 months (From the day after the presentation until the next presentation)

※Two months after the completion of MK activities, the MK Steering Committee will conduct a permanent fix audit to determine whether the effects of the stopgap have been maintained and sustained.
After the audit, MK Steering Committee conducts a final evaluation.


Active Time

Each group has a designated activity time to carry out MK activities.
There are 12 debates of 30 minutes each during the 6-month activity period for regular discussions with group members.
There are two 30-minute rehearsals for the presentation.
All of these activities are to be held during working hours.

Results and Evaluation Methods

The results of MK activities are evaluated in a dedicated reporting activity.
At the end of the activity, the final results will be fed back as rewards.

1. Interim Report Each group needs to give three interim reports over six months.
The evaluations of the interim reports are how QC-like they are, etc.
2. Presentation Contest We will have a presentation on the results of MK activities, where the employees themselves will give it as a result of their 6-month activities.
With only 15 minutes per group, they need to devise their activities easier to understand to get good results.
The audience attends and critiques presentations. Each group uses the critique to improve the MK Activity in the future.
※We hold the presentation contest in early to mid-March/September, and the next MK activity will start the day after the presentation.
3. Permanent Fix Audit Around two months after the presentation, we will audit the continuation of the activity results.
This audit is where the final judgment is made as to whether or not the activity was a good one and not a temporary one.