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Aska Company's original molded products [AS Family]

Aska Company handles plastic products in various shapes and sizes.

We use inline screw injection molding machines and various techniques to meet our customers' needs, from general-purpose resins such as PP and PE to engineering plastics and environmentally-friendly resins.
We offer proposals for product shapes and molds, including resins.

Here, we would like to introduce our original product, "AS Family," which we created as a result of our efforts.


AS-13.6 Case

  • AS13.6タブレットケース

This is a cylindrical case with a separate lid and body.
The inner diameter is Φ12mm and has been used as a case for tablets.



AS-V100 Folding Spoon

The spoon is connected by a hinge in a V-shape, and we set the folded part when we use it.
The size when you set is 10 cm in length. It is a small but firm spoon.
Compatible with individual packaging.


AS-V100スプーン 折り畳み式





AS-N100 Folding Spoon

It is a sample of a telescopic spoon.
The spoon is about 6 cm before extending and about 10.5 cm when extended.
The product in the photo is already used in the "New Biofermin S Fine Granule," and you can't buy the spoon only.
We will be happy to design and make molds as requested by the customer.



AS-71 Plastic Cup


Polypropylene (PP) resin container for puddings and jellies.
Its small size makes it ideal for use as a 3-ring type container.
Available in a variety of colors, from transparent to colored.

AS-3cc85 Measuring Spoon


  • AS-3cc85スプーン

This spoon features a large, deep scoop.
It has been used in Nitto Kocha's powdered black tea.
Production in a biological clean room, submission of evaluation results such as bacteriological tests, electron beam sterilization, and individual packaging are also available.


AS Pill Case

  • AS-ピルケース

The case has an easy-to-grip shape with a hinged lid that you can easily open and close with one hand.
The cap and body are integrally molded to reduce the number of parts, enabling efficient assembly during filling.
This case has a proven track record of use in Xyli Crystal. It is not airtight.


AS-70 Cup for CCI Lid

AS-70カップ用蓋 CCI

Thin-walled plastic lids for freezing applications.
In-mold label printing is also available depending on the lot size.
Glico Calorie Control Ice Cream and other products have used this product.



AS Family also has spout caps for pouches.