Spout Pouch Diameters and Eligibility for Use (ASKA MARKET NEWS, June 2024, No. 352)

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Spout Pouch Diameters and Eligibility for Use (ASKA MARKET NEWS, June 2024, No. 352)

Aska Company recommends the use of spout pouches from the perspective of a decarbonized society and circular economy.
The spout pouch has a spout part and a pouch film part. The spout part provides a "recap" function, and by using the pouch film as the main part of the container, the film's ability to handle a variety of contents can be effectively utilized.
We offer the convenience of a hinged cap, and new developments in pump connections, stands, etc.

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Various spout diameters and shapes provide flexibility for different situations

As of June 2024, we offer four basic spout diameters for our spout pouches.

  • AS9.5 spout with a diameter of 9.5 mm
  • AS10 spout with a diameter of 10 mm
  • AS16 spout with a diameter of 16 mm
  • AS18 spout with a diameter of 18 mm

Currently under development are the AS5 spout, AS26.5 spout, and various caps that fit the spout.
We are developing these caps in two types: those that are requested by our customers, and those that we are developing in order to check social trends and make our own proposals. In both cases, we design for high convenience and functionality in use based on the customer's line suitability.

The reason why we have so many spouts is so that we can accommodate a variety of contents.
Since the spout diameters are roughly divided by the contents, we provide "easier-to-use" caps and accessories that are designed to meet the expected usage requirements of the contents.

Current Spout Products

AS9.5 Spout
Refill Applications, etc.

It has a clean appearance with no hanging flange part.
It is designed for use as a slanted spout.
The narrow mouth makes it suitable for refill products that dispense a certain amount of liquid.

AS10 Spout
Post-in/Travel Applications, etc.

It is similar in diameter to the AS9.5, but has a hanging flange that makes it easier to adapt to the content supply line.
The small hinged cap is intended for small-capacity pouches and trial supply for a few weeks.

AS16 Spout Versatile

This series has many cap and nozzle diameters.
The spout size is suitable for a wide range of applications, including beverages, jellies, and other drinks, as well as hair care, face care, and body care products that do not require a pump, and refills for large volume detergents.

AS18 Spout Face Care, Body Care, Deodorant, Detergent, etc.

This is an unusual spout to which a 1 ml (1 cc) pump or trigger sprayer can be connected.
The support by the dedicated stand and hook allows the use of a pump even though it is a spout pouch.
Recommended for skin care products such as gels, scrubs, etc., where the amount to be used at one time is about the size of a pearl.

Products under Development

AS5 Spout
Free Samples, Small Volume Products, Hanging Display

Very small spout pouch.

Suitable for small amounts of sample products, packs, serums, lip balm, etc. Suitable for hanging display due to its very light weight.

AS26.5 Spout
Shampoo, Conditioner, Disinfectant, etc.

This is an unusual spout that can be connected to a 3 ml (3 cc) pump.

It is suitable for bath products (shampoo, conditioner, body soap) hand sanitizer, etc.

We have introduced the products and contents corresponding to the spout diameter here, but they can also be used for applications other than those listed here. Please contact us if you have any questions about what kind of packaging material is suitable for your product.