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AS Post-In Case

"Post-In Compatible" corrugated cardboard case exclusively for sending spout pouches

Spout pouches cannot be sent by mail.

Since mail is mainly used to send documents, etc., no matter how thin, we need to send spout pouches in a different way.
We have prepared a special case for spout pouches that can be "post-in"
with low shipping costs and that responds to the 2024 problem of modern working methods and logistics.

Case for AS16 Spout

Fits AS16 hinge caps.
Special case designed
to prevent hinge caps
from opening during shipping.
Also available in sets of 3 cases.

Case for AS18 Spout

AS18 spout pouch and pump can be sent together.
Includes an assembled down ball stand
that becomes a "stand".
This single set can be used for both mailing and pumping.

Case for AS 10 Spout

Case for small AS10 spout pouch only.
There is a device to prevent the hinged cap
from opening during shipping.

Solid boxes are also available for gift giving.
Post-In Case is still under development.
Please contact us for printing and other specifications.
Please contact us first.