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Right: Makoto Naganuma, Representative Director and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Left: Tsuneo Naganuma, Representative Director and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) [Ph.D. (Information Science)]

Since its establishment in 1968, Aska Company Co. has been developing, manufacturing,
and selling plastic products in a wide range of fields such as
medical, analytical, food, cosmetic, toiletry, and industrial fields, aiming to serve the public at large.

Aska Company's corporate philosophy is "to provide a place where people can grow and contribute to society."
"The growth of each individual and the improvement of his/her value will make the company grow, and the growth of the company, in turn, will contribute to society."
The idea is to continue to provide such a place.
For example, we have continued QC circle activities in which all employees participate since the kick-off in 1978.
These improvement activities are at the heart of our corporate culture, and all employees continue to grow through these activities.

We hope to contribute to the "productivity improvement of the plastics industry" by providing new value to society at large
through the commercialization and servicing of product development technology, measurement technology, image processing technology,
mold maintenance technology, information processing technology, and other technologies developed through our unique manufacturing technology accumulated over a long period.

To adapt to social changes and social needs, we create new products and services with support
not only from users in the plastics industry but also from companies in other industries and research institutes.
We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.



Aska Company Co.
Makoto Naganuma, Representative Director and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)