AS18 Pouch Stand

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AS18 Pouch Stand



Single weight: approx. 20g(For PP resin)

Size H:180mm / W:55mm / D:55mm

Compatible Spout Pouches

Pouch Size W: 110mm / H: 160mm

The volume of Content: 300ml

Bore Diameter: AS18 Spout

Compatible Pump: 1cc Pump Head


A stand that combines looks and strength

It looks thin and slender.

Although it may look as if it might lose the force to push the pump, it is strong enough due to its design to increase strength.

You can push the pump in firmly and use it stably.

Smart appearance allows pouch design to be utilized as is

Sleek and beautiful, you can use the pouch in its natural form.

We designed the stand to make the most of the pouch design.

It is easy to use.

Simply insert the neck part and it is ready to use.

Compatibility with airless pumps

As we use the contents, the spout pouch can no longer stand on its own.

In particular, since "airless pumps" do not return air, the pouch becomes flat and thin as the contents decrease.

With this pouch stand, you can keep the pouch standing and use up the entire pouch in a stable manner.

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