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Digital Transformation Top Seminar

What can we do with Digital Transformation? How do we get started?


Digital Transformaiton Top Seminar【"Encouragement of Digital Transformation" for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Companies】

Seminar on "Getting Started with Digital Transformation" for Small and Medium Business Owners!


These days, not a day goes by that we don't hear the keyword "Digital Transformation."
For more than 10years, Aska Company has been working to improve quality by feeding back data from the manufacturing floor into our daily operations.
We want to share some of the "Digital Transformation Tips" that we have learned from our experience, including various effects that we did not anticipate at first.



Seminar Contents

1. Private seminar for one company only

Unlike regular seminars, we hold this seminar only for one company.
Our CTO Naganuma, who has been leading the way in Digital Transformation, will participate in the discussion and answer questions from executives.。

2.Three parts: lecture, factory tour, and discussion

To facilitate understanding in a short period, we will first introduce case studies in a lecture, followed by a visit to a factory where data is used, followed by a discussion from the perspective of management.

Part 1: Introduction of key points for promoting DX in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies based on Aska Company's Digital Transformation case study

Part 2: Entering the factory to see how specific digital tools and data are being used

Part 3: Discussion on Digital Transformation from the perspective of executives with Naganuma, President of Aska Company, a leader in Digital Transformation

3. Visit a factory that uses data

Aska Company utilizes various digital tools, mainly systems developed in the company, in our manufacturing operations.
We will go into the factory and show you the specific ways we use these tools, such as when to check data and how to share information.




Aska Company Co. Tsuneo Naganuma, PhD (Information Science)

Aska Connect Co.     Mamiko Hayasih, M.B.A.



The fee, number of participants, and location of the seminar

[Number of Participants]

Open to 1 company only
Up to 3 people



150,000 yen (including tax) ※The cost is the same for one course, whether the seminar is for one person or three people.



3hours (Begins at 1:00 p.m.)

1:00-2:00 Lecture
2:00-3:00 Factory Tour
3:00-4:00 Discussion



Head office and factory of Aska Company (Takino-Cho, Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture)

We will take you on a tour of the production plant at our factory.
※We will also provide transportation support (Shinkansen to Shin-Kobe and Himeji stations, Itami Airport, etc.).
It will take about 1 hour to get to our company from the station or airport.
There are accommodations such as Route-Inn near our company.