ASN9.5 Spout

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ASN9.5 Spout

Product Features

Slender spout with a 9.5 mm caliber.

  • Single weight: approx. 2.04g
  • Screw bore diameter: φ13.7
  • Seal rib width: 40mm
  • No hanging flange

Compatible Caps

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All Airtightness Tested Sets

We have an airtight inspection when the spout and cap are set.
We provide safe products.

  ※You can use AS9.5 single cap in common with the AS9.5 spout and ASN9.5 spout.

We can provide unassembled products, but we will assign conditions of use.


You can change the caps

You can convert to AS9.5 Universal Design Single Cap

Price and availability are different from AS9.5 Single Cap, but we can offer it.

 Features: Easy to open and close, and easy to hold in the hand to reduce the risk of dropping the cap.

    ※You can use it with AS9.5 spout and ASN9.5 spout.


Example of Adoption

We appreciate that a lot of brand owners use our products.
For traceability purposes, there is a small AS engraving on our products.

Difference between AS9.5 spout and ASN9.5 spout

AS and ASN spouts have different seal shapes and overall heights.
The difference in shape is due to individual customer requests for weld management in the welding process of pouches and spouts.


AS9.5 Series


AS9.5 Spout




ASN9.5 Spout




Cap for AS9.5 Spout


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