Design and Development Capabilities

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Design and Development Capabilities

The development performance of plastic products is the source of Aska Company's organizational strength and unique technology.

Strong Design

Awareness of Design

We design with a strong awareness that "design is the origin of customer satisfaction" to meet customer needs in terms of quality, delivery, and cost.

Design technology tends to depend on the skills of individuals. However, by frequently providing opportunities for technology sharing and education, we maintain a high level of design technology as an organization.
For example, we have a "design review meeting" at the checkpoint of design review (design examination).
The person in charge of design participates in this meeting.
Members involved in manufacturing also participate in this meeting.
Discussions and opinion exchanges from various perspectives, such as past cases that only individuals can understand, are conducted. We reflect on what we talked about in the design review meeting.

In addition to simulation through flow analysis of the product, we also simulate the runner, which the customers never see.
Runner design is a fundamental part of creating a good product.
We do not stop at product design, but we also pay close attention to runner design. We do not cut corners to produce better products.




Aska Company's Support Area

We develop the mechanisms and functions required for plastic products from design to shape design.
We also design development including ideas.

Many ideas and inventions may be incorporated into the design.
Therefore, since they are directly related to intellectual property rights such as patents, designs, and utility models, we inevitably collaborate with IP searches.
We work together with the perfect combination of research approach and timing.




Use of Flow Analysis

In injection molding, any problems can happen in resin flow.
If we can predict these problems in advance, we can reduce the speed of product development to meet quality requirements a lot.

Shorter time also contributes to cost reduction.
Modeling has evolved, and it is now more accessible to make the shape realistic.

In injection molding, product design and tooling are key elements for consistent quality and improved productivity.
Know-how and experience are important, but using resin flow analysis software in the design and development stages is one way to prevent predictable defects, reduce the number of prototypes, and study thinner products.
Aska uses Autodesk's MoldFlow ADVISER as its resin flow analysis software.

Analysis Contents

●Dual-Domain Analysis (thin-walled products)
●Full 3D analysis (thick-walled product)
●Filling Analysis
・Injection Pressure
・Air Trap
・Weld Line
●Gate Position Analysis
●Molding Condition Analysis
●Sink Mark Analysis
●Analysis by Design Advisor (Product Shape Evaluation)
●Cooling Quality Analysis
●Runner Balance Analysis
●Runner Size Optimization Analysis
●Cooling Analysis
●Holding Pressure Analysis
●Warp Analysis






Use of 3D Printers

We own and utilize various types of 3D printers.
We use various pre-qualification methods to ensure success at every step of the product realization process.
The 3D printed product is valuable as a prototype or model, and it also can be easily seen and held in the customer's hand.
There are cases where 3D printed products supported by meticulous design technology are positioned as small-lot products and sold as products themselves.




Precision Cutting of Plastics


Aska Company's Precision Cutting Process

There are situations where our specialty injection molding is not suitable for production due to various requirements in terms of shape, material, quantity, and quality.
In such situations, we can respond by precision cutting plastic materials.
3D printers and other 3D modeling systems are rapidly evolving and developing, and we have introduced and utilized them.
However, the reality is that 3D printers and the world of precision cutting are still very different.

For example, a fluoroplastic part for a factory line, quantity 1piece
For example, parts fabrication for prototype production using POM material
For example, manufacture of parts to be shifted to injection molding when quantity expands.
For example, try ultra-precision machined parts in various materials.

The world of precision cutting of plastics continues to expand.


Sample Examples

Resin Name
PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene: Fluoropolymer)
PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide: PPS Resin)
POM (Polyoxymethylene: Polyacetal Resin)
Nylon 6/66 (Polyamide: Nylon is a trade name)


Product Design

In addition to the precision cutting of product designs developed by our customers, we can also take from the design stage based on our design capabilities cultivated through injection molding.