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Easy & Safe Plastic Cutting

Powerless cutting machine for easy and safe cutting

  • Cutting plastic products is unexpectedly difficult during product evaluation and process inspection during development.
  • Cutting small products with a cutter may cause a cut on the hand.
  • I do not want to do dangerous work that may cause industrial accidents.
  • It is tiring to cut many things over and over again.
  • I want to cut the same place in a fixed position.

There are various dissatisfactions and problems in the cutting process.
This is where the "Plastic Cutting Machine KITTARROU®" was born!


Safe and easy cutting while cutting plastic products for product evaluation, process inspection, etc.

・All you have to do is place the product on the table and pull the lever.
・Space-saving size (W165mm x D245mm) that you can place on a tabletop.
・It doesn't require a power supply, and you can easily relocate it.
・Uses commonly available cutter blades.
・Allows for the prevention of occupational accidents.


Since Kittarou uses a "cutter blade," it is intended for products that we can cut with a cutter blade.
Cutting plastic products for product evaluation during development and internal checks during process inspections is dangerous and requires a lot of strength.

Cutting is easy and safe with Kittarou.

We can cat and measure the product immediately when measuring since we can cut the cross-section cleanly.
We can purchase the replacement blades at stationery stores and home centers, making it economical.

■Efficient transmission of force by the principle of leverage

Kittarou is a stationary cutting machine that does not use a power supply.
How is it possible for Kittarou to cut so well without using a power source?
After conducting various tests, we have created a mechanism that uses the principle of leverage to apply force efficiently.
A light pull on the handle changes into a large push, and the cutter can cut with very light force.

■No direct contact with the blade for safety

There is no need to touch the cutter blade during the cutting operation.
The cutter blade and the operator are separated by a shatterproof cover during the operation. That ensures the safety even if the cutter blade or product breaks and splashes.

This will solve such problems you are having now.

・Difficulty in cutting small products can cause injury.
・I used to cut with a cutter, but it requires a lot of strength.
・Cross-sections become rattled, which hinders inspections, etc.



Features & Functions

Making Cutting Operations Injury-Free and Safe


Can't we make cutting work with a cutter safer? That was the starting point for the development of Kittarou®.
Kittarou® thoroughly focuses on safety, and we pursue safety at the expense of convenience.
We aim to improve safety based on customer feedback.

【Safety Measure 1】 Shatterproof Cover

Depending on the stress of the molded product, fine fragments may scatter when it breaks.
Kittarou is equipped with an anti-scattering cover to prevent injuries caused by flying fragments.
It can also be used for in-process inspections because it prevents splinters.

【Safety Measure 2】 Safety Lock Mechanism

Cutting while adjusting the position of the molded product by hand can cause hand injury.
With Kittarou, one hand must operate the cutting bar, and the other must release the safety lock to cut.
The mechanism prevents injury by ensuring that both hands must be off the cutting stage to operate.

Clean Cutting Surface


Kitterou blades are cutter blades.
Since there is no pushing or pulling etc., the cut surface is clean and free of chips and thermal melting.


Fixture for fixing cutting position


If you want to cut properly at the specified position, use a fixing jig.
We will create a fixture for the shape of the cutting target and the cutting point, etc. (separate cost will be charged.)


The long-term free rental period allows for introduction testing.

It is meaningless to be particular about safety if the machine cannot cut even though you introduce it.
Depending on the shape and material of the molded product, you may not be able to get satisfactory results.
To prevent mismatches, we offer a free loaner machine for testing.


Example of Introduction

There are places where caliper measurement is not stable or impossible in molded products.
In such situations, cutting the molded product with a Kittarou enables measurement.
Companies that handle various molded products use Kittarou.

【Fully Customized Products】

・All stainless steel specifications
This is a custom-made specification that you can bring into food-related processes.

We can also customize it to meet various other needs.



In what situations does it help?

It is useful when measuring the cut dimensions of molded products in the process.
In addition to molded products, it may also be helpful when customers cut products using a cutter or other tools.
Please feel free to ask us for more details.

How long can I borrow a loaner machine?

The loan is free of charge, and you can use it for 2weeks.
Please try it out during the loan period to see if it deserves to purchase.
We will send you a specific packing case for the loaner so that you can easily pack it.

We are considering buying, will you come to explain?

We have representatives from Miyagi in the north, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hyogo, so please feel free to contact us through our consultation.

Are there any restrictions on where we should put Kittarou?

It is a safety-conscious product but has a blade due to its characteristics.
When using Kittarou, please use it on a flat surface where it does not wobble.
Kittarou is tabletop-size, and you can move it from place to place, but for safety reasons, please remove the round blade before moving it.

The product is unstable to place due to its shape.

If the product is not stable, we can create a jig to stabilize it.
In some cases, we can use a 3D printer.


Effective cutting size

Height 45mm x Depth 40mm
※The width; we recommend 150mm since we can put an object on the stage

Kittarou Body Size

Width 165mm x Depth 245mm x Height 650mm
Standard blade: φ60mm round blade


Please inquire about pricing.


Flow of Use


Discussion on the Cutting Method

Please describe the object and the cutting point to our representative.

Sectional Review

We will make a decision on whether or not to cut the product based on the information we receive from you.
If necessary, we will also propose a measuring jig.

Demo Machine Rental

If there is a possibility of cutting, we will lend you a demo machine.
Please use it to check the usability of Kittarou on your own, then get an idea of how to work with it.
※Lending period is about 2 weeks.


Please place your order using the purchase order form.
Delivery time may vary depending on stock availability.


We will deliver the product including detailed handling instructions.



Plastic and rubber cutting equipment "KITTAROU®"