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AS Spout Cap Series

Assistance related to the cap of spout pouch containers

Aska Company develops, manufactures, and sells "spouts and caps," which are the parts of spout pouch containers.
As a manufacturer of "spouts and caps," our role in the field of spouted pouch containers is to realize the best ideas for satisfying containers and contribute to highly productive production processes.
We will continue to propose products that meet the needs of our customers.


Production Features

We perform molding, processing, assembly, and packaging in a clean biological room.
In production, we use many digital tools to provide high-quality products through collaborative activities between machines and people.

Spout x Cap List

List of currently available spout products

AS Name
Spout Diameter Specifications
Compatible Caps Cap Nozzle Aperture Diameter (Discharge Section) Cap and Spout Mating Boilable Remarks
AS9.5 Series
AS9.5 Spout
ASN9 Spout
Inside Diameter Φ9.6mm
Screw Part φ13.7mm
AS9.5 Screw Cap
(With Tamper-Evident Function)
- Screw  
AS9.5 Universal Cap (Prototype)
(With Tamper-Evident Function)
- Screw   
AS10 Series
AS10 Spout
Inside Diameter Φ10mm
Screw Part φ13.6mm

AS10 Hinge Cap Φ1mm
Φ3mm Check valve specification
AS10 Screw Cap Φ3mm Screw  
AS16 Series AS16 Spout
Inside Diameter Φ16.1mm
Screw Part φ21mm
AS16 Hinge Cap Φ8mm
Φ3mm Check valve specification
※Screw is available
AS16 Screw Cap
(With Tamper-Evident Function)
Φ16mm Screw  
AS18 Series AS18 Spout
Inside Diameter Φ18.6mm
Screw Part φ23.5mm
※For Pump Head Connection
Confirmed: MITANI VALVE CO., LTD and more
- Screw

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Environmentally Friendly Spout Pouch

Recently, the use of spout pouches has been on the increase, "with the environment in mind.
Pouches alone could not be closed again after use, but with the addition of a spout, it is now possible to reseal the pouch.
The ability to reseal the pouch has allowed it to evolve into a non-disposable container.
And because the majority of the pouch is made of film, the amount of plastic used is very small.

The spout pouch is an "environmentally friendly" container that can be used for a long time.

Spouted Pouch Reduces Plastic Usage

スSpout pouches are made of a thin film except for the spout.
By simply changing from the current bottle containers to spout pouches, the amount of plastic used can be reduced.
This allows us to offer products in environmentally friendly containers.

Refill with Spouted Pouch

Spout pouches use less plastic than bottles.
Add a "large-capacity refill" using spout pouches to products currently available in bottles.
This will reduce the number of bottles and the use of spout pouches, which will lead to a double reduction of waste plastic.

Only Spouted Pouch Containers Can Be Utilized.

Pump and sprayer attachments are connected to the spout portion.
The spout pouch can be used as the main body.
The spout pouch can cover everything from distribution to usage.