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Company Profile and History

Aska Company Co.

Established: February 1968

Representative: Makoto Naganuma

Capital: 100 million yen

The number of employees: Approx. 250 (including part-time employees)

Description of Business

・Plastic Field: Development, manufacture, and sales of plastic products
・Equipment Systems Field: Development, manufacturing, sales, and services related to measurement, research equipment, and factory automation
・Maintenance Field: Maintenance services for molds and equipment
・Seminar Field: Provision of know-how through seminars

Plastic Field


We are an integrated manufacturer of plastic products mainly using injection molding, from idea sketching to intellectual property research, product design, mold making, product evaluation, and manufacturing. With a lot of injection molding technicians (special, first, and second class), we can meet diversified needs. We are particularly proud of our production system equipped with a cleanroom. Our strength lies in the manufacture of products that require total product assurance, dimensional accuracy, and cleanliness. We also collaborate with alliance partners for sheet molding other than injection molding.

Equipment System Field

We develop and manufacture strength testers, impact testers, image dimensional measuring instruments, and multi-point independent light stimulators all in-house, from program development. In addition to sales of standard machines, we also provide custom-made services on consignment. We are also engaged in supporting factory automation, such as a school for supporting the introduction of camera inspection related to factory automation for companies.


Maintenance Field


As one of our know-how cultivated in mold making and plastic molding, we provide maintenance services specialized for plastic peripherals such as hot runner molds and mixing nozzles to prevent foreign matter and resin leaks that occur in the molding process.


Seminar Field


We offer our accumulated know-how in the form of seminars on numerous camera inspections, molding skills, and the use of IoT and AI.



Business Partners (in Japanese Alphabetical Order)

Asahi Group Foods, Ltd.
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
Whea-ston Co., Inc.
Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.
Otsuka Techno Co., Ltd.
Cow Pack Co., Ltd.
Ohta Isan Co., Ltd.
Gallium Co., Ltd.
Topatech Co., Ltd.
PacPlus Co., Ltd.
Kansai Tube Co., Ltd.
Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Sunstar Co., Ltd.
Takanashi Milk Products Co., Ltd.
Häagen-Dazs Japan, Incorporated
Fuekinori Kogyo Co., Ltd.
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Yamato Material Co., Ltd.
Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd.






in 1968 Seiichiro Naganuma establishes Kyoto Kasei Kogyo Co. in Onishi, Amagasaki City.
in 1969 Began production and sales of plastic molded products at a temporary factory in Takaoka, Takino-Cho.
in 1972 Kansai Plant completed in Kato-shi, Hyogo, 5,457.77 square meters.
in 1978 Completed construction of Tohoku Plant in Miyazaki-Cho, Kami-Gun, Miyagi, 8,234.84 square meters.
in 1979 Kick-off of MK activities (QC activities) and 1st MK presentation held at headquarters
in 1982 Head office relocated from Amagasaki City to Takaoka, Kato City.
in 1985 Opened Tokyo Sales Office in Tokyo.
in 1986 Toms established and started manufacturing dies (currently combined with Kansai Plant.)
in 1989 Opened Osaka Office in Ibaraki City, Osaka.
in 1999 Increased capital to 100 million yen.
in 2000 Head office and factory acquire ISO9002 certification.
in 2001 Head office and factory acquired ISO14001 certification.
in 2002 Changed the company name from Kyoto Kasei Kogyo to Aska Company through an in-house public offering.
in 2003 Acquired factory site in Takino Industrial Park 13,577.02 square meters.
in 2005 Tsuneo Naganuma is appointed Representative Director and Makoto Naganuma is appointed Executive Vice President.
in 2006 Head office and factory S Site completed (built by Takenaka Corporation); development and manufacturing of measuring instruments began.
in 2007 Expanded printing plant at Kansai Plant.
in 2008 Began foreign material removal and cleaning business for equipment and molds.
Exhibited at IPF International Plastics Fair for the first time.
in 2009 Exhibited at INTERPHEX JAPAN for the first time.
in 2010 Development of Multipoint Optical Stimulator "MiLSS" in the Field of Functional Brain Analysis with Tohoku University (Joint Patent.)
Development of an original in-line camera analysis system.
in 2013 Completion of the N Site of the main factory (Takenaka Corporation construction.)
in 2014 Acquired 13,332.08 square meters in Gambara Industrial Park as a site for a new plant in Miyagi Prefecture.
in 2015 FSSC22000 and ISO22000 certified (food safety standards.)
in 2016 Started camera inspection seminar and development of molding machine log analysis with a molding machine manufacturer.
in 2017 Invention and patent application for judging whether molded products are good or bad by big data processing, and for identifying signs of abnormality in molding equipment in advance.
Renovation of Kyoto Kasei Memorial Office "KY House".
in 2018 Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the company's founding.
Invention and patent acquisition of a method for predicting injection molding machine failures and an inspection system using this method.
Construction of new plant "Knowledge Park" in Miyagi Prefecture.
in 2019 Began marketing CFM, a mold clamping force monitoring device for molding machines.
in 2020 Reacquisition of ISO 9001 (2015 version)
in 2021 Invention and patent acquisition of the "Foreign Material Detection System" and start of system operation at a factory.
Registered our QC circle activity "MK" as a trademark.