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Providing new quality control and quality improvement

We have had many customers visit our factory and give factory tours and presentations on our company's initiatives.
In response to frequent requests for more detailed information on "camera-based visual inspection methods" and "IoT and AI initiatives," we have prepared a practical seminar that incorporates a factory tour.
The seminar, which will be charged for, is targeted at management and members who actually operate the production facilities.
The actual clients who attend the seminars also range widely in terms of industry and country.
Both seminars are practical in nature and are "private seminars offered by only one company" with an emphasis on the customer's perspective.
※DX Top Seminar added on August 06, 2021!


Camera Inspection Hands-on Seminar


Operate & manage your own image processing inspection cameras

Would you like to start automating quality inspections?

Basic training for those who have no expertise in camera inspection.
We will help you go from being completely unfamiliar with image processing camera inspections to being able to set up inspections.

This seminar includes a tour of an actual factory to see how camera inspection is used, a classroom lecture to teach the basics of camera inspection, and practical skills to create settings.



IoT and AI Application Seminar


Examples of IoT Applications to Solve Problems

We will introduce examples of IoT and AI utilization by plastic molding company Aska Company in the form of a tour of an actual manufacturing site.
You will be able to experience how quality control is performed with IoT and AI in action by participating in actual management.
Please use this as a hint for your "quality" and "productivity" factory.



Nighttime Unmanned Factory Seminar


Labor Saving and IoT in Plastic Injection Molding Plants

It is common practice in the plastic injection molding industry to operate 24 hours a day.
The industry has always taken it for granted that workers work 24 hours a day, along with the machines that are constantly running.
The keys to achieving nighttime unmanned operation are "human resources who think" and "digitalization.
You will experience first-hand the "thinking" that has achieved nighttime unmanned operation while maintaining quality.




DX Top Seminar


DX recommendations for small and medium business owners

This is an initiative for small and medium-sized companies that can only be conveyed because we have actually done it.
The seminar will start with a lecture on what DX is and how to think about and start DX, followed by a tour of an actual DX factory.
You can discuss with the lecturers, who have studied business administration, what you have learned and want to understand from what you have heard and seen during the seminar.



Molding Skills Seminar


Choose and learn what you want to know about injection molding

Plastic Injection Molding In this seminar, you can learn about various aspects of plastic injection molding, including molding machines, molds, and resins.
If you have ever wondered how a molded product is made, or if you just want a quick overview of injection molding, this seminar is for you. Injection molding seminars are designed for a wide range of people, from those who just want to know "how molded products are made," to those who want to understand a simple overview of injection molding, to those who want to be able to create more difficult molding conditions.

This is a special seminar that can be completely customized to the knowledge you want to know.