AS16 Cap Inner Plug Specification

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AS16 Cap Inner Plug Specification


A set of caps and inner plugs for 16-mm diameter spouts.

  • Single Weigh: Cap approx. 1.78g / Inner plug approx. 0.85g
  • Nozzle Shape:φ0.35 (ultra-fine)/ Φ4.0 / Discharge adjustment valve

Compatible Spouts

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 Nozzle diameter/function can be selected by screw cap

Functional selection different from hinge caps

Hinged caps are available in Φ1/Φ3/Φ8, and AS16 caps are available in Φ0.35/Φ4 nozzle diameters.
Both of them have a discharge adjustment valve specification that allows the user to freely change the discharge volume.


Φ16 bore when feeding contents

Since the inner plug is set at the time of capping, you can pour the contents with a bore diameter of Φ16 mm.

Left: With the inner plug / Right: Spout only

Set image with normal color spout

Can be used in the same capping machine as AS16 caps

The appearance is similar to AS16 caps, so if you are currently using AS16 spout caps, you can use the same machine.
The cap is supplied with the inner plug already set inside the cap, so it can be used in the capping process in the same way as a regular AS16 cap.

AS16 Spout Series

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