Mold Cleaning Service Coverage and Delivery Time

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Mold Cleaning Service Coverage and Delivery Time

Mold Cleaning Coverage

Equipment and sizes available for mold cleaning

・Mold Manifold
Mixing nozzles/static mixers
gear pumps
Extruder Dies
Tube-making machine screw
※We can clean molds as well as molding equipment!
Sizes that can accommodate cleaning
The Vertical 950mm or less
The Width 630mm or less
The Height Less than 400mm
The Weight Less than 500kg


Mold-cleanable resin

Please check the table for resins for which mold cleaning is possible.
Before cleaning, we will confirm the resin used, size, etc., and consider whether cleaning is possible or not.
Since 2006, we have received many requests from our customers, and have accumulated a lot of experience. We have been performing not only hot halves but also various parts such as nozzles and dies, and we have received favorable feedback.
List of Resins Available for Cleaning
Resin Cleaning Availability
Vinyl Chloride Resins ×
Thermosetting Resin ×


Mold Cleaning Lead Time

For manifolds (Injection Mold)

Mold cleaning is performed within 2 to 3 days after the molds arrive at our company.
※The actual time may vary depending on the process, condition of the object to be cleaned, and other factors.

Work after the arrival of mold

If any abnormality is found in the cleaning object during this process, we will contact you immediately.

After the cleaning is completed, it takes 1-2 days from shipping to arrival.
※Arrival time may vary depending on the region and packing style.


Mold Cleaning Inquiry