Introduction of Aska Company's YouTube Channel! (ASKA MARKET NEWS July 2024, No. 353)

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Introduction of Aska Company's YouTube Channel! (ASKA MARKET NEWS July 2024, No. 353)

In this issue, we would like to introduce you to Aska Company's YouTube Channel.
Among several contents, we will provide video contents about "MK Activities" and "Seminars"!

About YouTube Channel

The Aska Company YouTube channel provides videos about various initiatives and products.

Aska Company Channel Top Page

List of Short Videos

You can learn about the AS Family Spout Pouch, which contributes to a recycling-oriented society in your spare time with a quick and easy YouTube Short.
You can watch videos introducing ASKA Company's original product, AS Family Spout Pouches Caps, and their use and application.

Full of ideas that you can use in everyday life!

In the videos, you can see in more detail the size of the cap diameter, how it feels to use, and how the contents come out.
Please feel free to contact us for more information about the AS family on our website or in our catalogs!

Content 1) MK Activities

Our company's "MK Activity (QC Circle Activity)" is a 6-month activity period. All employees participate in the activities, and we hold a presentation in April and October every year.
MK activities are based on the philosophy of "楽正早安(easy, right, quick, and safe."
We upload new videos of our activities that can be made public to our YouTube channel.
MK activity videos have a large number of views on our channel.
Here is an excerpt from some of them!

What are MK Activities?
It is generally referred to as QC activities or improvement activities.

Spout Airtightness Inspection
(86th / 2021)

Improved human variability and inspection time. 3 years ongoing!

Process Management
using IoT
(86th / 2021)

From analog management to digital utilization for ease and correctness. 3 years ongoing!

Creating an Environment that does not Allow Pigeons to Build Nests
(89th / 2023)

Solving the long-standing nemesis of warehouses! Countermeasures for all factories!

Content 2) Seminars

We also offer a variety of seminars. As of the end of May 2024, we have held 98 seminars.
We have a diverse clientele, from companies from all over Asia, to companies in our neighborhood, to a variety of world-leading companies.
You can also view this seminar on YouTube.

Appearance Inspection Camera Seminar

This seminar is designed for those who have never seen or heard of visual inspection cameras.

Site-Driven Progress! Digital Improvement and Human Resource Development Seminar

This seminar is designed for actual use, packed with know-how on IoT and AI utilization in production plants in a short time to actually experience IoT utilization in a factory where digital and human coexist.

Nighttime Unmanned Factory Seminar

The seminar will provide various know-hows gained through nighttime unmanned factories from both management and technical perspectives, as well as hints on how to introduce nighttime unmanned factories.

Aska Company is posting on YouTube about our own AS family of products, our internal efforts, and MK activities.
Please feel free to subscribe to our channel and give us a like if you like.