Shower Hinge Cap for AS16 Spout

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Shower Hinge Cap for AS16 Spout


Hinge cap that allows showering for 16mm diameter spout.

  • Single Weight: approx. 3.76 g
  • Mailing service available (3cm)
  • Shower section hole diameter Φ1 x 6 pcs.

Compatible Spouts

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 Use "Shower" with Spout Pouch

New Use of Shower in Spout Pouch

In spout pouches for use in showering applications.
For example, shaved ice, herbicides, small potted plants, etc.

Wonder Shower that Does Not Spread Out Too Much

The shower does not spread too widely, allowing safe use of the contents without splashing.
The moderate spread makes it easy to adjust the amount without any variation inside or outside the shower.

Shower without Changing the Appearance of Other Hinge Caps

Recommended for series products because of its appearance similar to other hinge caps.

AS16 Spout Series

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