Introduction of Pouch Stands made of paper (ASKA MARKET NEWS Apr. 2023, No. 338)

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Introduction of Pouch Stands made of paper (ASKA MARKET NEWS Apr. 2023, No. 338)

Thank you for reading Market News.
Aska Company has been developing spouts and spout caps of original shapes.
One of them is the AS18 Spout, which we have introduced several times before.
We have been using a pouch with a spout as a container for conventional bottles for "refill" purposes.
We can use the AS18 Spout as a container with a pump and trigger nozzle attached.

Issues when using AS18 Spout & Pump

However, when we press the pump from above, the spout crushes since it is made of soft material.
We wondered if there was a solution to this problem.
We produced a stand made of paper to support the pouch so that it doesn't crush.


Here is the actual paper pouch stand we made.

Since the stand is made of paper, we don't expect to use it permanently.
However, we can use it in washrooms and other watery places if we apply a water-repellent finish to the surface.
(Cooperating manufacturer: Crown Package Co.)

Three advantages of Paper Stands


There have been stands that cover the pouch section for pumping with spouted pouches, too. However, most of them are often made of plastic.
On the other hand, the stand we have made is from paper.
That means we can reduce the total amount of plastic used for the container.

②Compact when folded

We can fold the stand for compact packaging.
That makes it possible to display the products in stores in a space-saving.

③High degree of design freedom

We support printing methods such as flexo and offset.
We can also provide highly flexible designs. For example, stands corresponds to the pouch design which is inside the stand.

We can arrange the size and shape of the stand according to the pouch.
We are ready to sell them, so if you are interested in stands, please let us know through our website or our sales representative.
We will continue to develop spouted pouches to enhance their values as containers, so please keep your eyes on us!