Let us explain again about spout pouches (ASKA MARKET NEWS Aug. 2023, No. 342).

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Let us explain again about spout pouches (ASKA MARKET NEWS Aug. 2023, No. 342).

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In this issue, we would like to reintroduce the "Spout Pouch," a product we have introduced many times before, and summarize its functions, applications, and merits.

What is a Spout Pouch?

Spout pouches have become increasingly common in supermarkets, home centers, and drugstores in recent years.
Originally, we often used them for refill purposes, but now, with the increasing variety and usefulness of their functions, many products are beginning to switch from "pouch-only products" to "pouches with spouts," as people's understanding of their use has increased.
A "spout pouch" is a product that combines a spout and a pouch, and the Aska Company develops and manufactures Spouts and Caps for these products.
The spout produced by our company is welded to the pouch film, and they finally become a spout pouch.
We design caps specially for spout pouches, and various caps are available, including screw-type caps with a tamper-resistant function, hinged caps with one-touch closure, and caps with nozzle diameters that match the intended use of the pouch.

What are the Uses of Spout Pouches?

Spout pouches are still often used for refill applications.
The spout makes it easy to refill a bottle container.
The cap also makes it possible to use only the necessary amount and store the remainder (resealability).
The acquisition of resealability has also led to the development of applications for replacing plastic bottles.

Aska Company is developing products that allow spouted pouches to be as containers themselves, and as one such product, we are offering spouted products that can connect to pumps.
In order to use a pump, it is necessary to "withstand the force of pushing the pump," and we are also working on the production of a stand for the pouch as a countermeasure for this.


Various photos and videos are available on Instagram as an introduction to examples of use.


What are the Advantages of Spout Pouches?

Spout pouches have many advantages.

In particular, in terms of environmental issues related to plastics, it is known that the amount of resin used to produce a container of the same content in a bottle and a spout pouch is about half that used in a spout pouch.
Therefore, the spout pouch is an environmentally friendly container that leads to reduced plastic use.

In addition, while logistics costs have skyrocketed in recent years due to rising gasoline prices and a shortage of drivers, spout pouches are more compact and can transport more containers at once, taking advantage of the flexibility of the container.

In other words, the spout pouch is an earth- and company-friendly container that reduces plastic usage and transportation costs.

Aska Company is committed to developing and manufacturing various products to meet customers' needs as well as providing products compatible with spout pouches as an environmental measure.