New Idea for Spout Pouches! (ASKA MARKET NEWS Jan. 2023, No. 335)

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New Idea for Spout Pouches! (ASKA MARKET NEWS Jan. 2023, No. 335)

Thank you for reading Market News.
In this issue, we would like to introduce a new shape of spout pouch container that we exhibited at Tokyo Pack 2022.

Foldable Spout Pouch

Aska Company manufactures and develops spouts and caps for spout pouches.
Spout pouches have generally been used for refilling, but recently we have received many requests to treat the spout pouch as a container for environmental friendliness.


In response to such requests, we have developed the "AS18 Spout" to which a pump and trigger nozzle can be attached.
We will introduce the current issue of spout pouch containers equipped with the AS18 spout and the new shape that will solve these issues.

Current Issue

One of the challenges of spout pouches is self-support.
With soft packaging materials such as spout pouches, the self-support of the container depends on the volume of the contents.
In addition, when we push the pump, the pouch will be crushed, as shown in the photo.

Unfoldable Type


New Shapes that Solve Problems

To solve the above problem, we devised a foldable pouch.
By folding the shoulder part of the pouch, the pouch overlaps at the center and can withstand vertical force.
Thus, the pouch is less likely to collapse when a pump is used with a small amount of content. We can use it as a spout pouch container.


Foldable Type

In addition, when the trigger nozzle is attached, the shoulder portion is folded down for easier gripping.
The spout pouch introduced here is still in the development stage, and we cannot sell it now, but we will continue to develop it in the future.