Patented! Introduction to MyCFM! (ASKA MARKET NEWS May 2022, No. 324)

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Patented! Introduction to MyCFM! (ASKA MARKET NEWS May 2022, No. 324)

Thank you for reading Market News.
Here is the second installment of our Intellectual Property series!
This time, we would like to introduce a patent obtained by Aska Company!

Production Facility Environment

Aska Company uses injection molding machines to produce plastic products.
Our factory is a biological clean room, and we provide products to our customers under quality control.

Whenever we produce, defective products are bound to occur. Our philosophy is not to find and eliminate defective products but to control the source and keep making good products.

We need to have a well-equipped facility environment to continue production based on our philosophy.
Among the most important is the information obtained by sensing the condition of the molding machines that form the products.

In this issue, we would like to introduce our patented system for detecting abnormalities in molding machines, molds, and molded products.

Failure Detection Mechanism for Molding Equipment and Molds "MyCFM"

This patented system measures the mold clamping force of molding equipment. It detects abnormalities in the molding machine, mold, and molded product according to the amount of change in the numerical value.
By utilizing this system, we monitor changes in the measured values, detect the defects that may occur in the molding process at an early stage, and take predictive maintenance.

Aska Connect, a group company, sells [MyCFM] using this invention.

We hope you will utilize MyCFM for predictive maintenance of molding machines.