Collection of Spouted Pouch Ideas (ASKA MARKET NEWS June 2023, No. 340)

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Collection of Spouted Pouch Ideas (ASKA MARKET NEWS June 2023, No. 340)

Aska Company's Spouted Products Considered Up to Now

We sell spouts and caps for pouch containers as original products.
The caps are available in diameters from 9.5 to 18 mm, and there are screw-type caps and hinged caps.
We can give functions such as inner stoppers and discharge control valves to expand the range of usage.
We are developing spouts and caps in an interesting way.
Let us introduce some of them.
※We are currently making rapid development molds for the pouch stand. (As of 2023.03)

Inverted Pouch


小容量パウチをキャップでI tried to make it inverted.
It is similar to the tube product and stands firm.
The pouch is small and compact, making it easy to carry around.
Moreover, the hinged cap allows one-touch opening and closing!

Twin Pouch - No.1 and No.2

2つのスパウト付きパウチのThe name is "Twin Pouch," which is a container in one.
By folding it in the middle, it is compact and can be used at the same time.
How about using it to hold items used in the same situation, such as shampoo and treatment, lotion and milky lotion, sauce, and mayonnaise, etc.
It will be great for travel use or as a seasoning container for camping!
Please note that I have no idea about the filling machine.


Pouch Stand

This stand allows the pump function to be utilized with a pouch. We are considering material recycling and coffee residues for material and weight reduction.
Environmental friendliness is one of the concepts!

Decoration "Gold plating"

The customer applied the plating treatment to the plastic. It seems mysterious, with the smoothness of the plating on top of the texture of the plastic, while maintaining its high-quality appearance.

Spouted Container Usage Scenarios

Spouted pouches are used in all aspects of life.

~Spouted Pouch Containers for Sustainable Living~

①②③Hair care, body care, refillable products, etc.

Make containers float in the bathroom is hygienic and easy to clean!
Hinge caps allow the one-touch opening of laundry detergent containers, even in large sizes!

④Deodorant Sprays for Clothes, Rooms, etc.

The disinfectant deodorizing spray for clothes has a trigger, so just hook it onto the closet bar!
Easy refilling is achieved by simply replacing the trigger!



⑤⑥Various Food Products

It can be used for seasonings, sauces, honey, jams, and many other purposes.
It is also ideal for small quantities, one-person use, and camping goods!
We can even make tea.

⑦ Kitchen and Household Detergents, etc.

When the liquid runs out, just replace the trigger with a new pouch, eliminating the need for refilling.
Stocking in pouch containers saves space and width.

⑧Plant Growth, Herbicides, etc.

It discharges like a shower and could be used for watering plants, nutrients, and herbicides!