AS Family: Pouch Spout Cap

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AS Family: Pouch Spout Cap

Aska Company's original molded products Spout Cap


They are spout and cap-related products produced in a biological clean room.
You can use them for various applications such as food, seasonings, daily necessities, cosmetics, and industrial products.
Two types of caps are available: tamper-evident caps with tamper-evident function and hinged caps for easy resealing.
We change the cap according to the contents since the product uses the same spout.

October 01, 2021: AS-φ9.5 series added!

Pouch Spout Lineup


ASφ16 Spout


ASφ16 Screw Cap


AS-φ16 Hinge Cap


φ9.5 and φ16 Pre-Set

Image of using spout and cap for pouch





Spout Diameter Cap Shape Caliber Mating with Spout

Hinge Cap φ8mm
φ1.0mm (Narrow Mouthed)
Plugging Type
(Screw type also available)
Screw Cap
(with tamper-resistance function)
φ16mm Screw Type
φ9.5mm Screw Cap
(with tamper-resistance function)
φ9.5mm Screw Type
Design selection available (normal/universal design)


We have installed cameras for visual inspections from both sides and the top.
In addition to countermeasures against foreign matter on the exterior, cameras monitor the production status through My CiS. My CiS utilizes IoT technology to monitor quality intensively.




Simple 16 mm dia. spout

Produced in a biological clean room.
Camera inspections are conducted from both sides to prevent foreign matters.
In addition, we monitor the information by MyCiS with IoT technology to focus on quality monitoring.

We can set both AS-φ16 screw caps and AS-φ16 hinge caps.





AS-φ16 Screw Cap

The screwcap that you can set on the spout of the AS series with a diameter of φ16 mm.

The tamper-evident mechanism prevents intentional tampering and protects contents even when placed on shelves without shrink wrap.

Top, side, and inside surfaces are camera-inspected to prevent foreign matter.
In addition, we monitor the information by our MyCiS using IoT technology to focus on quality monitoring.




AS-φ16 Hinge Cap

Hinge cap that you can set on the spout of the AS series with a diameter of φ16 mm.
We devised the nozzle shape to countermeasure against liquid loss.

[Type]※20210801 check valve type added

・φ8 mm nozzle
・φ3mm nozzle
・Superfine nozzle (1.0mm) with a narrower hole diameter than the φ3mm nozzle.
・φ3 nozzle check valve
The φ8mm type is the best for powders and highly viscous materials, while the φ3mm type is the best for low viscosity contents.
Two sizes of ultra-fine nozzles are available to match the discharge volume and contents.
Samples are available upon request.





AS-φ16 Hinge Cap Ultra Narrow

The nozzle diameter itself is φ3mm, but by narrowing only the hole diameter within it to a smaller diameter, we limit the discharge volume.
Even low clay content can be discharged in a dripping manner.

※Currently, φ0.6mm is only available for prototype production. Please consult with us.



AS-φ16 Hinge Cap Check Valve

The check valve cap consists of only two parts. One is the hinge cap, and the other is the ball.
Compared to a standard check valve cap, this cap has fewer parts and is less expensive





AS Spout & Cap Set

We set AS-φ16 spout and AS-φ16 screw cap (tamper-evident specification) before shipping.
We produce the AS-φ16 spout and the AS-φ16 in a clean room, and we complete the setting process in the same clean room.
These are clean products.
Cameras check the tightness of all products to ensure stable quality. You can use them for setting on slanted pouches.