ASKA Camera Inspection Simulator

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ASKA Camera Inspection Simulator

For those who would like to start using an imaging camera to perform inspections.

ASKA Camera Inspection Simulator


A simple kit to get you started on the imaging inspection line!

This product is a simple inspection machine that compactly combines all the necessary items to perform an image inspection.
・Testing before building an image inspection line.
・Incorporation into a non-inspection line.
・Secondary inspection of visual inspection line.
・Assistance for manual inspection line.
Various applications are possible.

We will determine the detailed simulator specifications at the time of order, and the creation of the simulator will begin.

※At the Visual Inspection Experience Seminar, we use the actual equipment.
The seminar will give you hands-on experience using the camera.
We recommend that you consider purchasing a simulator after attending the seminar.

The basic shape of the Aska Image Inspection Simulator is as follows.
A conveyor with an overall length of 640 mm and a belt width of 150 mm, as well as the lighting, sensors, and PLC for control necessary for camera inspection equipment, are all compactly integrated.
※The shape may vary depending on the details of the meeting.


Basic Set Specifications

Conveyor Belt Length 640mm / Belt width 150mm
Speed 350mm/sec max. (varies from 10% to 100% by inverter control)
Lightning Itec System LED full-field ring lighting (O.D. 125mm/I.D. 77mm)
Analog type lighting controller included
Sensor Photoelectric sensor with built-in reflective amplifier (can be used for transparent products to some extent.)
PLC KEYENCE PLC (Programmable Controller)
PoE PoE-compliant injector (1 port each for camera equipment power supply/communication)
Power AC100V specification

What you need separately

・Inspection Camera  ※VS80M-100 camera manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric on the image
・Camera Lense ※C-mount 8mm lens and 0.5mm close-up ring used on image
・PC with Ethernet port (used for camera inspection operations)

Picture of the Simulator