Human Resource Management Seminar to Develop the Company and People

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Human Resource Management Seminar to Develop the Company and People

"Challenges" will nurture human resources.



Growth evaluation that gives a "sense of self-affirmation"

Aska Company uses a corporate culture of taking on challenges and group work as a mechanism to encourage this.
All the groups must select the issues and countermeasures to solve them.
Employees naturally learn the importance of cooperation and leadership through working as a group. Both of them are important for management positions.
Solving issues also leads to a sense of accomplishment and a heightened sense of self-esteem. Those promote growth into more confident, motivated, and autonomous personnel.
The growth of managers is also necessary for these systems.
For this to work, management, the education system, and personnel evaluation must be connected as a single system.
The Aska Company has systematized this as the "Aska Management System" and is operating it.

We utilize a system that allows for natural and inevitable "improvement" and "growth."




Seminar Overview

1. Private seminar for one company only

Unlike regular seminars, we hold this seminar only for one company.
Since there is no one from another company, we can customize the content as much as possible.
Also, you can freely ask questions as much as time permits.

2. Experience the results of improvements and their effects on a factory tour

You can find the results of improvements made through MK Activities (QC circle activities) and PT Activities (Project Activities) in various parts of Aska Company.
We will also introduce examples of improvement activities while taking you on a tour.

Since we use high-function headsets, we can share the Q&A session in the factory with everyone.

3. You can see the "real thing" such as teaching methods, check sheets, etc.

We will use the documents from past projects and screens to explain the information as we present it.
We try to make it understandable even if you do not know the plastics manufacturing industry.

Seminar Contents

The "MK Activity," a small group improvement activity that is the core of Aska Company's management, and the "PT Activity," a group work to make large-scale improvements and reforms across multiple departments, are used to "develop human resources."
By working together as a group, they will grow in areas other than "making improvements," such as a sense of responsibility and ability as a leader, assistant, and a member.
We will also show you materials on management for successful improvement and how to evaluate the results and process of improvement, along with actual evaluations.
You may find the personnel evaluation you have been wondering about.

This seminar lasts 5 hours.
We can customize the content to meet your needs, so please consult with us first.

1. Establishment of a target management and evaluation system

The presentation will explain how the Aska Management System, a goal management system operated by the Aska Company, and the education system are intertwined to create a "culture of challenging issues" based on actual materials on the overall flow, management methods, and evaluation methods.


2. Case study of the MK Activity

The presentation will cover the Aska Company's proud structure of MK activities, the secrets of long-term continuation of activities, the actual process from problem identification to improvement, and what results have actually been achieved.

3. Lunch (Q&A over meal)

You can exchange various opinions over a meal.

4. Observe examples of PDCA and examples of MK and PT Activities

We will introduce the detailed PDCA cycle in the company and examples of how we made the improvements in the factory tour.
You will feel how the products created through each activity are put into operation and refined in daily work.

5. Introduction of "PT Activities" management system and examples

"PT activities" bring about significant changes and results with personnel across various departments.
We will introduce how to start, the process of progress management and evaluation, necessary skills for managers, check sheets, etc.

6. Discussion

Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the details of the various initiatives in Aska Company's activities, as well as any questions or concerns you may have about how to proceed.



Seminar Fees, Number of Participants, and Location

[Number of Participants]

Courses are available for one company only.
Available for 1 to 4 people.


¥150,000 (excluding consumption tax)  ※For the cost of one course, the same price applies whether there are one or four participants.
Lunch will be provided.


Aska Company Head office plant (Kato-shi, Hyogo)

We will conduct a tour of the production plant.
※We will also provide transportation support
(Shinkansen to Shin-Kobe/Himeji station, Itami Airport, etc.).
Travel time from each location to our company will be about 1 hour.
Accommodations such as Route Inn are available near our company.

Aska Company Knowledge Park (Kami-Gun, Miyagi)

We will tour the production plant in Knowledge Park.
※We will also provide transportation support
Pick-up support is available at Furukawa Station (Tohoku Shinkansen and Rikuu Higashi Line.
It will take about 30 minutes to our company.
Accommodations are available nearby.