Cap for AS9.5 Spout (Universal Design)

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Cap for AS9.5 Spout (Universal Design)


Cap for the spout of 9.5 mm in diameter.

  • Single Weight: approx. 1.68 g
  • Tamper-Evident Function Available
  • Feature: The shape makes it easy to open and close the bottle and to hold it in the hand, reducing the risk of dropping the cap. ※You can use it with AS9.5 Spout and ASN9.5 Spout in common.

Compatible Spouts

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All Airtightness Tested Set Products

When we set the spouts and cap, we perform the airtight inspection.
We provide safe products.

  ※You can use AS9.5 Caps with AS9.5 and ASN9.5 spouts in common.

We can provide unassembled products, but you must abide by the condition.



Difference between AS9.5 Spout and ASN9.5 Spout

The difference between AS and ASN Seal section shape and overall height are different.
Shape differences are due to individual customer requests for weld control in the welding process of pouches and spouts.

AS9.5 Series

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